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Video: The Next Billion.
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Video: Dell helps IRD provide humanitarian assistance.

International Relief Development brings stabilization to war-torn countries. IRD is present in 47 countries and five continents. Since 1998, they have provided more than $3.6 billion in humanitarian assistance. Dell keeps IRD’s data secure, so they can focus on providing tools and resources to increase the self-sufficiency of the world’s most vulnerable groups.

We’re working towards a brighter future.

Through our Legacy of Good, we’re committed to putting technology and expertise to work where they can do the most good for people
and the planet.

Video: Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan.

We help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

Dell is relentlessly committed to empowering
entrepreneurs to scale their business by providing access to resources and technology to drive
global economic impact.

Meet Elizabeth Gore, Dell’s New Entrepreneur in Residence

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