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It’s incredible to think about the amount the information we have at our fingertips — and a tablet can simply make it easier to access that information on demand. Here’s a look some noteworthy apps that appeal to the student in all of us.

Pocket First Aid & CPRWhile everyone else is playing Words With Friends, you can save a pal’s life with the help of this American Heart Association-inspired app. All told, it contains 80 videos and high-resolution illustrations to help you spot heart attack symptoms, perform CPR or just make it through whatever chaos life throws at you. Sound too good to be true? Talk to Dan Woolley, who used this app to survive 65 hours under rubble after the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

CloudSpotter Is that fluffy white mass floating overhead a boring old Cumulus or an uber-rare Noctilucent? Created by the Cloud Appreciation Society (yes, that’s a thing) and developed with the help of NASA, this app invites you to see the sky with new eyes. Get to know 40 uniquely different cloud species with the help of extensive descriptions and photos, and then build up your own collection as you compete with other users to see whose head is most in the clouds.

DIY Network – Want to include a built-in bar in your bathroom like celebrity contractor Matt Muenster did for two bachelor brothers? Or, is it time to pursue your DIY dream of building that backyard fire pit? Whatever the project, this video-rich app from the DIY Network is the ideal how-to repository for the handyman or handywoman seeking inspiration or hints for the next home-improvement project. The Watchlist feature automatically stores clips from programs to which you’re subscribed so you can watch at any time.

Khan Academy – Just a year ago, super-genius Salman Khan brought his 4,200 lesson-specific educational videos to the world of tablets via this app. With everything from K-12 math to SAT prep, these fun, insightful “classes” will give a boost to the eager student in the family. But mom and dad can also wipe the dust off their degrees to learn about subjects like Nash equilibrium (that would be microeconomics), 1300-1400 Proto-Renaissance (art history), alkenes and alkynes (organic chemistry) and much, much more.

Sweet N’ SpicyThe name describes the distinctive flavor profile that defines some Indian cuisine — and the app behind is nothing short of a one-stop resource for everything the home cook needs to know to pull off some great dishes. The app encourages learning through experience (or eating) by suggesting cooking tips alongside each recipe as well as the health benefits of some ingredients. A video library of more than 1,000 recipes lets home cooks chop and simmer under the tutelage of professional chefs.

My History Digest – Learning for many is a lifelong pursuit. And for those who cannot spare hours at a time to attend a college course to get their knowledge fix, there are apps like My History Digest that deliver lessons one tidbit at a time. Continuously renewed content includes historical photos, this-day-in-history reports and lists of amusing facts. The app also curates feature-length articles from top historical magazines for those Sundays when there’s time for deeper dives.

These apps and others are available for download through the Windows Store and Google Play — two places that can truly enhance Dell’s new line of Venue tablets, available in Windows 8 and Android. Visit Dell.com/tablets for details.

Mike Olson contributed to this story.

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