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3 min.
By Patrick Nelson, NetworkWorld contributor8 hours ago

DDoS attack size is getting bigger, security firm says

4 min.
By Stephanie Overby, CIO contributor9 hours ago

Why CIOs can’t wait to renegotiate their outsourcing contracts

1 min.
By Jon Gold, NetworkWorld contributor9 hours ago

Google: Users still aren’t getting message about online security

4 min.
By Stephanie Overby, CIO contributor12 hours ago

4 ways to cut application development and maintenance costs

981 972 Views 1 Facebook 5 LinkedIn 3 Twitter 4 min.
By Bev Robb3 days ago

Using Wi-Fi in-flight? Employ information security best practices

4 min.
By Tom Coughlin, Forbes contributor3 days ago

Big data storage: The information within ourselves

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