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By David Nield, ReadWrite contributor16 hours ago

How would Amazon’s drone superhighway work?

5 min.
By Bernard Marr, Forbes contributor19 hours ago

Can big data help catch a crime gang that operates across 36 states?

3 min.
By Tom Kaneshige, CIO contributor22 hours ago

How marketers can seize the mobile moment

529 519 Views 1 Facebook 3 LinkedIn 6 Twitter 3 min.
By Rebecca Herold2 days ago

Never judge an information security professional solely by certification

2 min.
By Meta S. Brown, Forbes contributor2 days ago

Can algorithms and big data appraise character?

By Mary Branscombe, CIO contributor2 days ago

Are you ready to support Windows 10?

By Ken Mingis, CIO contributor2 days ago

No, Windows 10’s roll-out won’t break the Internet

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